Q: Can I bring a student that is not registered?
A: No, If a student not registered they can not attend due to the facilities current capacity restraints.

Q: What is the Dress Code for the day of the conference? 
A: Students are highly encouraged to dress in business casual or business professional. 

Q: Can students drive themselves to the conference?
A: No, Transportation is provided for students. 

Q: Will there be people directing students to the correct buildings and rooms?
A: Yes there will be group leaders directing the students during the conference.

Q: Will there be activities for counselors to do whilst the event is going on?
A: Yes there will be workshops for the counselors to attend. 

Q: Will students need to bring lunch or will it be provided to them?
A: Students will be provided with a cooked meal from the university during the banquet. 

Q: Can I leave the conference early?
A: No, Students can not leave the the conference. They must leave with their school.

Q: When will I get my scholarship?
A: The scholarship committee will be in contact throughout the disbursement process with scholarship recipients, for any questions contact the T.R.E.E Chairmen. Email located in the T.R.E.E Committees tab.